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  • Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier market
  • 1 GB of space
  • Support at $25/hour
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  • Premium
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About IBNX

Providing you with engaging, empowering and entertaining content 24/7!
IBNX Radio Network Stations

Multiple Stations

Community Driven

Community Driven

Events & Services

Events & Services

Our Audience

Our goal is to create a network which provides local communities, talent and businesses with a new voice in which information provided is relevant, interactive and brings positive results within society. 

Audiences tune in to discover new talent, explore behind the scenes of different industries or to discuss and learn more from industry experts on a multitude of topics.

  • Audiences discover a network relevant to their daily routine, life experiences and your future.
  • We cater to a large audience base consisting of all forms of Talent, Media, Businesses and the General Public.
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Individuals and Businesses alike who may not of had means of utilizing traditional radio advertising, reaching audiences cross borders, cultures and genders, will now have the opportunity to do just that.
  • Individuals who are in need of exposure will now have a new outlet in which they may express their talent to the world.
  • The general public will discover new experiences which will engagingly entertain and educate them on a wide range of topics of interest. 

Get Involved

We offer a variety of opportunities within our company as a part of our overall business model by offering positions for on-air personalities, presenting innovative exposure driven events / contests and via our main and local station specific websites.

Talent and Businesses have the opportunity to submit to us, be featured on a show or advertise on air or on our website. We have something for everyone!

Interested in joining the IBNX Team? 

Current Open Positions

Host A Network Show

Syndicate Your Show

Start a Community Station

Want to Submit to IBNX Radio? Click Here for more information on how you to can become a part of the next generation of radio!

100% Licensed
Our music data, royalty and performance fees are reported and paid as required.
At IBNX, we do not currently charge for interviews regardless of what field you are in.
Local Exposure
We offer the opportunity to be heard by over 20,000 listeners via community based shows.
International Discovery
The network is heard around the world with listeners in over 22 countries!
We Are Organic
Our growth is real & steady! We do not participate in purchasing followers or listeners.
Creating Opportunities
We offer various opportunities in the field of media for others to participate in.
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